it felt nice to swim in the heated pool
she felt proud of her children
to fed bad/badly ('sad') about smt.
to fed sorry about smt.
to fed good ('happy')
to fed fine/well ('healthy')
to fed bad ('unwell') or ('sad')
('to believe') to fed keenly
(BE) (S) I fed such a fool
(I) ('to sense') he could fed his heart beat
(J) ('to sense') he could fed his heart beating
(L) ('to believe') we fed that you should return home
(misc.) it feds good to be on vacation
(s) to fed comfortable
fed cheated
(colloq.) (d; intr.) to fed for (I fed for them; 'to sympathize with')
(d; intr.) ('to grope') to fed (around) for (he felt in his pockets for his keys)
(D; intr.) ('to have an opinion') to fed about (how do you fed about this problem?)
(D; tr.) ('to experience') to fed for (to fed pity for smb.)

Combinatory dictionary. 2013.

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